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We are the Key to your security

Secure your home from unexpected visitors

Wondering if your home is safe from burglary and break-ins? Call us now to have our locksmith professionals provide you our full home walkthrough to determine the best course of action to protect your resident. We can install locks on most residential applications from wood/steel doors, interior/ exterior hardware, patios, cabinets, furniture & even keyless entry, please contact us today!

Residential Services




"Key" Special Features:


Key Tracking- If desired we can keep your key information stored securly at our physical location so we can provide you with tracking for your keys, authorization of who can cut them and even send you your keys in the mail!


Neutered Bow- A none labeled head shape that makes your keys difficult to duplicate by any hardware store or home devices. 



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Have you been locked out of your home? Do you need a key for your antique bit style key trunk, or perhaps a complete rekey of your house, garage and barn?

Well can provide it all! We've been in business for 30 years, providing quality keys and locks to our satisfied customers, let our skilled locksmiths protect your home today.

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